London Word Map

Buoyed by the success of the British Isles Word Map this is the second collaborative print between Alison Hardcastle and Snowhome. This time we created a map reflecting the character of our most popular city – London.
The intricate artwork provides a new perspective on London, with boroughs, communities and streets represented on the design by a word synonymous with that particular area.
The outcome is a stunning visualisation of the city that celebrates the diversity, history and myth surrounding London through words and hand written type. It may not be an entirely reliable means of getting around the capital but it has certainly taught us a thing or two about London in it’s creation!
As with the Word Map Of The British Isles this started life as a list of carefully researched words and was then brought to life entirely by hand with a very small brush and a pot of ink. The end result was then printed as a lithograph.

  • A lithographic print of the original hand painted artwork which is printed on uncoated 200gsm paper
  • Packed in a tube.
  • 60x80cm (standard size ready-made frames)
  • Inky blue-black


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