A very busy May

The month of May was a very busy one indeed!

We returned to Pulse and had a great show. I was reminded that my fondness for Pulse as a show is well justified as it’s uniquely design-led and presents opportunities and contacts which are not always afforded at other busier shows. It always seems a curious time for a show for some people but I love the timing; I get to spend time in London when its at it’s best with sunny balmy evenings (mostly) and it brings in orders and exciting possibilities at an otherwise fairly steady time of year between the traditional buying seasons.

The general feel from the buyers was also one of great enthusiasm for a show which isn’t too big and un-manageable to walk/buy and which presents a way more curated and edited version of what is available (which is way easier for them). Buyers were chilled and relaxed and that ultimately made for a much more enjoyable experience as an exhibitor also.

After a well-earned week in France following the show I’m now rejuvenated and back into full-swing and working on some very exciting prospective collaborations and design opportunities.

Written by Alison on 9 June 2017