Covid-19 Update

It’s a difficult time and no mistake.

We’re a small business and currently doing what we can to still supply cards and stationery to fulfil our online orders. As long as the Post Office remains open and it’s deemed safe enough to do so then we can continue to accept orders. We’re very grateful for each and every order we get especially as the wholesale side of our business has obviously disappeared (hopefully only temporarily) overnight. If nothing else your orders keep me busy and sane!

Here’s a few pointers on how we’re operating at this time:

  • I’ve extended the number of bundle options in the shop to offer a good variety of cards at a reduced cost for however long the situation lasts. I’ve tried to theme these to provide lots of options and I can send these out as gifts also – just change the shipping address and leave us a note in the instructions at checkout. If they’re a gift they’ll be parcelled in a grey card gift box.
  • I can write your cards and send out direct to the recipient. I’ve stocked up on stamps and it’s really quite therapeutic to sit and write cards for people! Again – change the shipping address and leave a note in instructions as to the message to be included.
  • There’s also a Bundle + Stamps option. Buy a bundle and stamps at the same time and then you can stay safe and stay at home (just post on your daily walk.)
  • As regards the precautionary measures I’m taking in the studio please be assured I’m washing my hands very regularly and sanitising surfaces. The studio is separate to the house and I’m the only one going in it at the moment.
  • I’m limiting Post Office trips to twice a week and combining it with other essential errands. I have a Drop & Go account which means I only have to drop the items off and there’s very minimal time spent inside the Post Office.
  • And finally keep an eye on our Instagram at this time. I’m sharing my thoughts, working from home tips and musings and generally what I’m up to. It’s so important for me to stay in contact and keep a creative approach whilst planting seeds, setting school work and doing many many craft mornings with my children!

Please stay safe and at home, stay in touch with everyone you know and love and look after each other.

Much love

Alison xx

Written by Alison on 4 April 2020