2019 New Collections & Collaborations

We’re very excited to announce our collaboration with the Natural History Museum.
‘Collection’ is a new range of 18 cards designed by Alison Hardcastle in conjunction with the Natural History Museum. Inspired by the Museum’s collections and penned in Alison’s unique illustrative style this brand new collection is a fresh and contemporary interpretation of the Museum and its contents.
Each card is based around or taken directly from exhibits, archives and photographs researched by Alison at the Museum.
Using first hand research and photography of the Museum, plus access to their creative assets and archives, Alison embarked on a design process of working through an immense amount of resources and editing the collection down to four main topics of interest; Gems, minerals and crystals, Flora, Butterflies and bugs and the Museum’s architecture.
Each card is designed around, derivative of or directly inspired by specific exhibits, archives and Alison’s photographs of the Museum. All the images used were re-drawn in Alison’s illustrative style and scanned in to form the design. The result is a sophisticated range of cards that have cleverly translated historic materials – many that date back centuries – within a contemporary context, giving them a timeless appeal.
In the style of a Museum exhibit and to add real context to each design, all cards feature text on the reverse which ‘places’ each design within the Museum’s collection to add provenance to the card.
We’ve also continued our successful collaboration with British jewellery brand Tatty Devine in to 2019 to extend the range with six new designs. The cards seamlessly combine iconic Tatty Devine designs with Alison’s composition, type and illustrative style to create an original and fun collection. Three of the new card designs are space-themed in celebration of the 50 year anniversary of the moon landing.